Middle School » Discipline


The Middle School utilizes a system of keeping track of discipline points to promote responsible and respectful behavioral expectations among all members of the school community, and to provide the parents with information regarding student progress. Students will receive discipline points for:

  • Inappropriate Behavior (B) = 2 points off conduct grade
  • No Homework (H) = No points off of conduct grade; however five missing homework
  • Improper Uniform (U) = 1 point off conduct grade.
  • A Behavioral referral shall subtract 8 points from the conduct.

Assignments or infractions equals a morning detention/session.

Students that maintain less than an 80% in conduct per trimester will lose the privilege of participating in special student activities (socials, fieldtrips, athletic activities, etc.).

Positive Incentives

Positive recognition and reinforcement is given by each individual teacher or team through the development of their own reward system and through the school community by various awards throughout the year.