Immersion Experience – Peru



The international network of ministries and schools of the Sisters of the Company of Mary throughout the world offer a unique opportunity to experience close at hand the culture, beauty and challenges in settings where the sisters serve.

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School families are invited to participate in the creative educational work of the sisters by volunteering one week of their time as a family sharing the gift of their presence in an underserved area of Lima, Peru. Our children will have the chance to see other realities very different from their own. It is a transformative experience that plants seeds of wanting to make a difference.

The mission immersion experience of working and interacting with the children and families in the area visited is complemented with a strong educational program. This includes visits to museums, monuments, the historically rich area of Cusco, ancient ruins of the Inca Empire in the Sacred Valley, as well as a day in Machu Picchu, the magical Inca Empire.

Pope Francis challenges us to live our membership in the Body of Christ by “creating a culture of encounter,… because faith is an encounter with Jesus, and we must do what Jesus does: encounter others.”

What you see with your eyes touches your heart

How the hearts of our participants have been touched:

willThe Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac Peru trip is truly a life-changing experience. People think that you just teach the children, but really you share their culture. I personally have participated twice in this experience, and what really made me want to go back was the children. They celebrate joy everyday in sports, dancing, parties and much more. If there could be one thing I could tell any family planning on going is to get ready because their lives are about to change forever. – William Lobb
Going to Peru was an amazing family experience. We went to give, but received so much more. Our lives are forever changed. Peru was fun and joyful! – Meyers family: Parents, Emma, Aiden
Last summer I went to Peru. It was the best experience of my life. All the kids were so welcoming and kind. I never wanted it to end. It was fun teaching them English. I couldn’t understand them but we made it work. Machu Picchu was such a site. I could never forget this amazing journey. – Cappriana Hands
Our family is grateful for the experience offered us. As a family we were able to practice our faith, open our eyes to another part of the world and help others while learning about Peru and its wonderful people
Joshua: They did not have much but were grateful and happy. They always seemed to have fun. This taught me a lot.
Nathan: I learned a lot about Peru. Machu Picchu was my favorite.
Amelia: When are we going back? Litchney family: Parents, Joshua, Nathan, Amelia
Going to Peru was a very fun trip for me. In Peru I learned to be grateful for what I have and that you don’t need electronics to have fun. I am very grateful that I got to visit a developing country and visit one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. – Kaitlyn Wichterman
The main catalyst behind our mission trip to Peru was to give back some of our time and resources to the global family of the Sisters of the Company of Mary. Instead, the people, the culture, and the experiences with the sisters gave so much more to us.
Our lives were enriched and forever changed because of two weeks spent in Peru. – Windy Johnson, Holly and Ivy Johnson


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